Spring Programs

Spring Adult Programs Quick Glance Table, Details Below:

Program:For:Location(s):Dates:Day(s):Time(s):Fee:Registration Deadline
(Late Fee):
Spring Tai Chi FundamentalsAges 18 +Booster ParkMarch 30- May 18, 2021Tuesdays2-3pm$803/26/21 ($10)

Spring Tai Chi Fundamentals

Tai Chi continues this winter outdoors at Booster Park March 30 through May 18. Have fun learning this graceful, slow moving form of exercise that has ancient roots tracing back into the depths of Chinese culture and philosophy of centuries past. Classes will be held at Booster Park, under cover but outdoors, on Tuesday afternoons from 2-3pm. You must pre-register before attending. The registration fee is $80. After the 3/26/21 deadline, a $10 late fee will be added. Call (540) 672-5435 if you’re interested in registering.