VATI Grant Application with Madison Gigabit

The Orange County Broadband Authority herewith gives notice of its intent to partner with Madison Gigabit Internet, Inc., located in Madison, Virginia,to apply for a grant to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for grant funding from the 2020 Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI).

The purpose of the grant funding is to provide broadband service in the unserved areas of Orange County. The proposed broadband project will consist of the construction of a fiber to the premise (FTTP) network within the following areas of Orange County, Virginia:

Albano Road – SR657

Poplar Meadow Lane

Angus Road

Ridge Road – SR644

Bluie West One

Scuffletown Road – SR609

Burnley Road – SR644

Spotswood Trail – US33 (Eheart to Woodroof RD)

Dogwood Lane

Taylorsville Road

Douglas Road – SR659

Tisdale Road – SR731

Evergreen Avenue

Vineyard Lane

Hamm Road – SR658

Wilhoits Mill Road (Approx. 1,000 feet from SR609)

Haney Drive (Approx. 1,000 feet from US33)

Woodroof RD – SR652 (US33 to Carey Town PL)

Harvest Lane

The number of serviceable units in the project area is 590. Based on survey data and talking to residents in the service area, we anticipate a fifty percent (50%) take rate. The take rate is an estimated percentage of how many locations are likely to subscribe to broadband service if it were available — based on household income, education level and the age of residents.

Broadband service will be provided through Madison Gigabit Internet, Inc. The project will meet and exceed the service level requirements established for the VATI program. The 2020 VATI grant application will be submitted to DHCD by the program's September 3, 2019 deadline.

The public is invited to submit written or oral comments and/or grievances on the proposed 2020 VATI Grant Application no later than August 30, 2019 to the Orange County Broadband Authority. The preferred methods of comment would be by email Lewis Foster or by letter sent to the Orange County Broadband Authority, Post Office Box 111, Orange, Virginia 22960. Comments will also be received by telephone at (540) 661-5332.

Click here to view the service area map.

Citizens who wish to submit a letter of support may use the template provided. Letters must be submitted no later than Friday, August 30, 2019. Please send completed letters to Lewis Foster, Broadband Program Manager, at or by mail to P.O. Box 111, Orange, Virginia 22960.