WI-FI Hotspot Project (CARES Act Grant)

wifi map

Orange County received $1,999,620 from the Commonwealth of Virginia for broadband funding pursuant to the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) for a wireless hotspot project. 

The hotspots are an innovative solution that provides access to free Wi-Fi for students, small business, teleworkers, and residents. The grant award will help Orange County build thirty-one (31) miles of optical fiber and rapidly deploy a county-wide network of Wi-Fi hotspots that will place 5,791 homes within two (2) miles of a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Over 1,600 of those homes will be less than one (1) mile from a hotspot. The thirty-one (31) miles of fiber will pass 555 homes that will be able to receive fiber to the home connections in 2021. The Wi-Fi hotspots are being placed throughout the county in partnership with over a dozen community facilities including churches, parks, and fire stations. 

The County will complete the project through a partnership with the Orange County Broadband Authority, and its operating entity, FiberLync, utilizing existing contracts to begin construction immediately. The project must be completed by December 25, 2020 to comply with the CARES Act funding guidelines. 

The hotspots are a separate project from FiberLync's fiber to the home rollout. The fiber to home project is still under construction with a separate construction crew.

Please contact Jenny Cord at jcord@orangecountyva.gov or (540) 661-5345 to learn more.