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RE: Rogers- TMP 54-207B

To whom it may concern:

 I currently own a lot, gifted by my father in the rear portion of Rogers Lane. I would like permission to use the existing road and begin my driveway along the side of my parent's property. Our family, myself and my children resides with my parents now so there will not be an influx of additional traffic to our new home to impact the neighbors (family).

The 50ft ROW that was established when the lot was divided for agricultural reasons is impossible to for me to build a road without having to spend $20k, it lays between the creek and powerlines. The road is partially paved and gravel. The first lot belongs to my uncle which is well established, it was cause a huge impact on him if he needs to move belongings in order to build a new road. Per the pictures provided you will see there is over a 90ft turn in land unto Rogers Lane which continues across the train tracks. The road then continues to my parent’s lot with a mix of stone. 

We have been working on this issue for almost 8 months, I am in extremely difficult living situation, my kids need their home, I need my home. I would like to be in my home ASAP and cannot afford to build a new driveway. My parents built their home with no issues using the driveway, we assumed there were no issues.

Thank you for reviewing and understanding my families desire to be in our home.

 Katrina Rogers

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