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Joint Planning Area Committee
About the Joint Planning Area Committee
The Joint Planning Area Committee is an informal committee between the County of Orange and the Town of Orange.  The Committee is conversational in nature and is intended to discuss the area and activities in the area that are of mutual impact and interest for both the County and the Town of Orange.

Current Members
County of Orange
County Administrator
R. Bryan David                   
Town of Orange
Town Manager
Gregory S. Woods
County Attorney
Thomas E. Lacheney
Town Attorney
Gail S. Marshall
Director of Planning and Zoning
Josh Frederick
Town Planner
Zoning Administrator
John Cooley
Board of Supervisors Representative
S. Teel Goodwin
Town Council Representative
Henry Lee Carter

For More Information
For more information on the Joint Planning Area Committee, please contact the County Administrator's Office at (540) 672-3313.