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Strengthening Families Program
Program Description
The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) involves school age children ages 6-11 or 12-16 and their families in 14 family training sessions using family systems and cognitive behavioral approaches to increase resilience and reduce risk factors. The program consists of three life skills courses – parenting skills, youth’s social/life skills, and family life skills. Families attend 14 weekly sessions, beginning with a meal, followed by separate parent and youth groups, and ending with a family group. Personal disclosure is not required and an emphasis is placed on new skills offering more options rather than criticizing old skills or past behavior.

This program is offered by the Office on Youth and is made possible with funding provided by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth. Established by the General Assembly, the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth is responsible for statewide efforts to reduce and prevent youth tobacco use and childhood obesity. 

Evidence Based Program Outcomes:
  • Increased cooperation, social competencies, and school grades, parenting knowledge, skills and efficacy.
  • Improved family relationships, social skills and behavior.
  • Decreased behavior problems, aggression, stress, depression, and alcohol and drug use.

Strengthening Families Informational Flyer

Strengthening Families Application

Ashley Jacobs
Strengthening Families Program Coordinator

146 Madison Road, Suite 205
Orange, Virginia 22960

Ph: (540) 672-5484 ext. 1
Fx: (540) 672-2311

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