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Landfill / Trash Decals
Use of the Orange County Landfill and Collection Centers
In accordance with the Orange County Code of Ordinances, the County provides for its citizens a system, plan, or method for the disposal of solid waste at sites designated as the Landfill and Collection Centers.  These services are intended for use by Orange County residents only.

Further, Orange County residents are required to display a landfill / trash decal on the windshield of their vehicle in order to gain access to the Landfill and Collection Centers.  Enforcement at the Landfill and Collection Centers began on January 1, 2010, in accordance with a Resolution adopted by the Orange County Board of Supervisors on September 22, 2009.

See the information below for instructions on how to obtain a landfill / trash decal from the Treasurer's Office, or to obtain Permission to Dump from the Administration Office, which would be granted in lieu of a landfill / trash decal.

Obtaining a Landfill / Trash Decal
County residents who own personal property registered in the County should complete the Landfill/Trash Sticker Request Form and return it to the Treasurer's Office for processing.

For questions regarding Landfill / Trash Decals, please contact the Treasurer's Office at (540) 672-2656.

Obtaining Permission to Dump
Orange County property owners who do not reside in the County, or who do not have personal property registered in the County, should complete the Permission to Dump Form and return it to the County Administrator's Office for processing.  This Permission to Dump would be granted in lieu of a landfill / trash decal.

For questions regarding Permission to Dump, please contact the County Administrator's Office at (540) 672-3313.

Solid Waste Ordinance
For additional information, the entire Solid Waste Ordinance is available here.