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Elected Officials
Local Officials                                                     State Officials

Board of Supervisors:                                                           State Senate
District 1:     R. Mark Johnson                                              17th District:  Bryce Reeves
District 2:    James "Jim" K. White
District 3:    S. Teel Goodwin                                                House Of Delegates
District 4:    James "Jim" P. Crozier                                      30th District:  Nick Freitas                                      
District 5:    Lee H. Frame

School Board:                                                                      Federal Officials
District 1:    Carol Couch                                       
District 2:    Sherrie Page                                                     Senate
District 3:    Michael Jones                                                       Tim Kaine
District 4:    Bette Winter                                                      Mark Warner
District 5:    Jim Hopkins

Clerk of Court:   Teresa Carroll                                            House Of Representatives
                                                                                             7th District:  Abigail Spanberger
Commissioner of the Revenue:   Renee Pope

Commonwealth Attorney:   Diana O'Connell

Sheriff:   Mark Amos

Treasurer:   Dawn Watson

Soil and Water Conservation Directors:   Robert Bradford
                                                                 Bob Brame

Town Council - Orange:
Timothy J. Bosford, Jr.
Elliott Fox, Jr.
Donna Waugh-Robinson
Martha Roby
Frederick W. "Rick" Sherman, Jr.

Town Council - Gordonsville:
Robert K. Coiner
Emily Winkey
Ronald E. Brooks, III
Elizabeth Samra
James L. Bradley