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Spring Programs
Spring Adult Programs Quick Glance Table, Details Below:






Registration Deadline
(Late Fee):
Adult Karate at OES Ages 18+ Orange Elementary School Weekly Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm $45 Open
Concealed Carry Training/Handgun Safety Class Ages 21+ Sheriff's Office Practice Range March 21, 2019 Saturday 9am-1pm Free 3/6/19

Adult Karate
We are excited to bring a new, adult karate class to Orange County Parks and Recreation to complement our existing children’s karate class.  This class is a traditional Okinawan martial arts class with an emphasis on personal defense training. Training includes grappling, weapons, and basic traditional Chinese medical theory. It will train students to utilize the body as an integrated unit to provide a reliable defense system for both large and small individuals. The Aldridge karate institute system has been in operation for over 30 years in the area. This class will be held on Wednesdays in the OES gym from 6:30-8:30pm.  The fee for this class will be $45, due each month that participation continues. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED BEFORE ATTENDING.

Concealed Carry Training Class
Concealed weapons are weapons which are kept hidden on one's person, or under one's control not accessible to view. The Sheriff’s Office understands that there are certain requirements that may be difficult for the average citizen to find training or classes that are inexpensive. For this reason, the Sheriff’s Office and Orange County Parks and Recreation have partnered together to offer a concealed carry class at a minimum cost to Orange County Citizens and to those who work in Orange County. The training consists of education in the classroom to include safety, laws, shooting fundamentals, storage, maintenance, and legal considerations. Students will also have to show safe weapon handling on the range. Instructors are DCJS Certified Firearms Instructors. For more information about Concealed Carry, please visit the Sheriff's Office page. Class space is limited. All participants must register at least 2 weeks prior to the class date, no exceptions. This class is limited to Orange County residents and those who work in Orange County. Please Note: Completion of training course DOES NOT grant concealed carry permit. Participant must still apply for the permit through clerk of the circuit court of the county or city in which he or she resides. Completion of this class fulfills the handgun competence requirement for the application. A background check will be required for participation. Registration documents are available in the OCPR office or for printout below. It is recommended that interested applicants complete the waiver at the OCPR office because the waiver must be notarized, and we have several notaries in the office. As stated above, all documents must be turned in in advance.  The registration fee for this class is $30.
Concealed Carry Registration Packet (Concealed Carry Training Specific Forms & Information, Application & Waiver Required)