Volunteer Trash Pickup Program

The Volunteer Trash Pickup Program is an opportunity for local civic groups to fundraise while helping to combat Orange County's roadside litter. 


  1. Interested organizations must submit a Volunteer Trash Pickup Program application along with a copy of their W-9. The online application can be found at orangecountyva.gov/VolunteerTrashPickupProgram or contact the OCLCC Coordinator at (540) 661-5405 or mlwilliams@orangecountyva.gov

  2. A minimum of five (5) volunteers are required for the duration of the cleanup. The names of the volunteers must be provided to the OCLCC Coordinator by filling out a Volunteer Registration and Acknowledgement form.

  3. A minimum of two (2) miles of the assigned road must be completed. The OCLCC Coordinator will provide the organization a road from a current list of reported littered roads.

  4. A Challenger Trash Pick Up Kit can be reserved for use by the organization. The replacement cost of missing or damaged items will be deducted from the payment. Items in the kit include orange trash bags, grabbers, safety vests, gloves, and a notebook of safety guidelines and information.

  5. Only one (1) pickup can be performed by the organization per fiscal year. A cap of ten (10) pickups may be performed per fiscal year.

  6. The organization will be awarded $100 per hour, with a five-hour cap once the pickup is verified. Payment will be made by check within 30 business days of verification.

  7. Verification of the pickup shall include: 
    1. Names of the volunteers.
    2. Number of bags collected.
    3. Return of the Challenger Trash Pick Up Kit (if provided)
  8. This program is reserved for organizations based in Orange County.

A copy of the Volunteer Trash Pickup Program Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Volunteer Trash Pickup Program Application

To be considered for this program, please fill out the online application. Please allow for up to two (2) weeks after application submittal for approval.

For more information, please contact Karen Gibson, Litter Control Committee Coordinator, at (540) 661-5403 or kgibson@orangecountyva.gov