Subdivision/Plat Review


Planning & Zoning Services reviews and approves plats for subdivisions of land, boundary line adjustments, property consolidations, and any other modification to property lines, as well as new access easements, public easement dedications, and public right-of-way dedications.

Plat review and approval is an administrative process except for preliminary plats (51+ lot subdivisions) which are approved by the Planning Commission.

Process and Application

The following plat application guide provides an overview of the plat review/approval process:

< Plat Application Guide >

All documents and applications necessary to make an application for plat review, as referenced in the Plat Application Guide above, are available on the Permit Applications, Forms, & Guidance Documents page. Applicants are advised that plat review applications may be made online via the Online Application Portal for initial review, but physical copies of the plats with original notarized signatures are still required for review and approval. Physical copies of improvements plans, if required, are not necessary.

External Agency Reviews

VDOT Review: The VDOT Louisa Residency office reviews all subdivision plats, and any plat which affects access to or transportation on public roads. Staff will transmit plats to and from VDOT as part of the review process. Applicants do not need to coordinate directly with VDOT as part of the review unless they issue comments on the plats. However, surveyors are advised to reach out to VDOT prior to application to ensure there will not be issues with the proposal.

VDH Review: The Virginia Department of Health office in the Town of Orange reviews all subdivision plats which propose new septic fields and/or wells, as well as any plat which may affect existing installations. Applicants must make applications for VDH review of plats directly at their office located at 450 N Madison Rd. Fees will be due at the time of submittal to VDH. Staff will transmit plats to and from VDH for approval signatures.

RSA Review: The Rapidan Service Authority reviews all subdivision plats within their service areas in in Locust Grove (including Lake of the Woods), east of the Town of Orange along the Route 20 corridor, along the US 15 corridor between the Towns of Orange and Gordonsville, and adjacent to the Town of Gordonsville. Staff will transmit plats to and from RSA as part of the review process. The applicant does not need to coordinate with RSA as part of the review, but will need to do so after plat approval to coordinate utility connections and fees. Applicants are advised that subdivisions within RSA's service area (and in some circumstances the service areas of the Towns of Orange and Gordonsville) are generally required to connect to public utilities as a requirement of the subdivision.