Adoption Events

Dawgs & Dogs Adoption Event

The Orange County Animal Shelter, in partnership with the Parks & Recreation Department, is preparing to host a dog adoption event at Skydog Orange Dog Park, located within Booster Park, at 11177 Bloomsbury Road, Orange, VAA dog at the Orange County Animal Shelter. The event will be held on Saturday, October 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m

Pets & Playtime

We'll have many of our adorable, adoptable dogs onsite at Skydog Orange Dog Park. Two fenced sections of the park will be dedicated to allow prospective adopters to enjoy playtime and interaction with potential pets. Those seriously considering adoption are encouraged to attend with the whole household (including current dogs) to find the perfect pup for your family!

Bonus Goodies

As if playing with the pups wasn't enough, we'll be offering some additional "treats" to those in attendance, including pet-focused goodies. Don't forget Orange County Parks & Recreation will be serving up hot dogs!

Reduced Adoption Fees

For the first time ever, we will be offering half-price adoption fees for those that begin the adoption process at the event. That means an Orange County resident could adopt a new best friend for just $27.50. To be eligible for the reduction, the adopter must begin the process onsite at the event, and satisfactorily complete all adoption requirements within one month. Don't miss this opportunity. 

Same-Day Adoption

Same-day adoptions will be available at the event IF all adoption steps can be completed. If you would like to adopt a dog during the event and take the pup home, please contact Gina Jenkins, Animal Shelter Director, BEFORE THE EVENT at or (540) 672-1124 to review necessary information. Doing so will ensure prospective same-day adopters are prepared with all required documentation for a smooth adoption.