Past Approved Projects

This page will maintain documents related to approved planning projects from the previous calendar year up to the current date. Projects are in no particular order. Questions about previous projects may be directed to

Approved in 2023:
SUP 22-08 Montpelier telecom tower amendment
SUP 23-01 Walmart addition
SUP 23-02 Mudbogging events
SUP 23-04 Huff
REZ 22-03 Wilderness Crossing (Approval/proffers; Design Guidelines; GDP; TIA; Pilgrim Church Buffer)
REZ 23-02 Herndon
REZ 23-03 Twin Lakes proffer amendment
REZ 23-05 Barret/Elmore
REZ 23-06 Elmore
STA 23-01 Subdivision Ordinance amendment
ZTA 23-01 Zoning Ordinance amendment
SUP 23-08 Duck Ranch LLC
REZ 23-08 Foothills Property LLC
CPA 23-01 Comprehensive Plan amendment