Circuit Court

Cicuit Court buildingThe Orange County Circuit Court is the highest local court. It handles felonies and civil law suits and appeals from lower courts. Term Day is set for 9:30 a.m. on the fourth Monday of every other month to review the docket and consider grand jury indictments.

Circuit Court Clerk

The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Orange County is a Constitutional officer elected by the citizens of Orange County for an eight (8) year term. The primary functions of this office are to provide administrative support staff for all aspects of the circuit court, to act as a probate judge, and to serve as the official recorder of all land records as prescribed by law.

The clerk is also responsible for issuing marriage licenses, concealed weapon permits, processing notary applications, recording judgments and releases, filing financial statements and name changes. For more information, please visit the Circuit Court website.

Please note - the Circuit Court Clerk's Office is not permitted to notarize documents on the citizen's behalf.

View the Orange County Circuit Court Procedure and Policies for the Collection of Unpaid Fines and Court Costs by clicking here.


  • Honorable Dale B. Durrer, Presiding Judge
  • Honorable Timothy K. Sanner, Chief Judge
  • Honorable Cheryl V. Higgins
  • Honorable Richard E. Moore
  • Honorable Susan L. Whitlock

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