Circuit Court

The Circuit Court serves as the Appellate Court in cases appealed from the District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relation Court.

Circuit Court Clerk

The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Orange County is a Constitutional officer elected by the citizens of Orange CThe Orange County Courthouse at dusk.ounty for an eight (8) year term. The primary functions of this office are to provide administrative support staff for all aspects of the circuit court, to act as a probate judge, and to serve as the official recorder of all land records as prescribed by law. The Circuit Court Clerk's Office is not permitted to notarize documents on a citizen's behalf.

Courthouse Information

  • Courthouse parking is limited. Please plan accordingly and arrive early.
  • Proper dress is required for trials.
  • Weapons of any kind (including pocketknives) are prohibited.
  • Cell phones are not permitted.

Payment Options


  • Honorable David B. Franzén, Presiding Judge
  • Honorable Claude V. Worrell, Chief Judge