Firearms Concealed Carry Training


Concealed carry has become an increasingly hot topic and the Orange County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to making sure its citizens have met the requirements for carrying a concealed weapon.

Concealed weapons are weapons which are kept hidden on one's self or under one's control not accessible to view, which is a basic definition. The Sheriff's Office understands that there are certain requirements that may be difficult for the average citizen to find training or classes that are inexpensive. For this reason, the Sheriff's Office and Orange County Parks and Recreation have partnered together to offer a concealed carry class at a minimum cost to Orange County Citizens and to those who work in Orange County. The classes are currently being held every two (2) months unless there is not enough interest to fill the class. The training consists of education in the classroom to include safety, laws, shooting fundamentals, storage, maintenance, and legal considerations. Students will also have to show safe weapon handling on the range. Instructors are DCJS Certified Firearms Instructors.

For concealed carry training applications, please visit the Parks & Recreation Department. Training cost is $30 per person; County Employees are free. Applications are to be returned to Orange County Parks and Recreations.