School Resource Officers

Keeping Our Schools Safe

Orange County Sheriff’s Office and their School Resource Officer (SRO) Division work very closely with Orange County Public Schools and with private schools within the County. The purpose of the division is to ensure the safety and security of the students and the staff as well as develop a relationship between our deputies and young citizens. SRO’s are sworn deputies that are assigned to the schools and have additional specialized training on School/Campus safety.

Role of School Resource Officers

The SRO’s have many roles in the schools that include maintaining order within the schools, enforcement of Federal, State and local laws, traffic enforcement within the school zones, providing security at school sponsored events, conduct safety audits for each school , serve as mediators, and are available as a resource for students, staff and parents.

All of the SRO’s provide training for students and staff in the following areas:

  • Class Action (education and the law)
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Parent Awareness
  • Drug Eduction
  • Gang Education
  • Internet Safety
  • Crisis Plan Training
  • DARE

You may contact the SRO’s using the email addresses to the right or calling the appropriate school.