Virginia Department of Social Services

About the Virginia Department of Social Services

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) provides social services assistance to citizens of Virginia to help them live their best lives. One child, one senior citizen, one person at a time, programs of VDSS help people triumph over poverty, abuse and neglect, achieve self-sufficiency, and shape strong futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

The Virginia Department of Social Services promotes the development of healthy families and protects the Commonwealth’s children from abuse and neglect with programs such as Child Protective Services and Domestic Violence Prevention.


  • The Division of Child Support Enforcement locates non-custodial parents, assists in establishing paternity and collects hundreds of millions of dollars in child support for Virginia’s children each year.
  • Units within the Division of Family Services work with the local social service agencies to provide guidance in the support of families.
  • The Virginia Department of Social Services responds to the needs of seniors age 60 and over, adults with disabilities over the age of 18, and other adults with specific needs.
  • VDSS also collaborates with the local departments of social services across the state and other local service providers to offer assistance to elderly citizens in need of protection from abuse; elder adults who require the services of adult care residences; and adults with disabilities who need help with care, transportation and nutrition services.
  • VDSS also helps adults involved in domestic violence situations; adults in need of financial assistance, energy assistance and food stamps benefits; and citizens who believe they have been discriminated against by a social services agency.