Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention generally consists of three (3) collaborative efforts; fire inspections, fire investigations, and public education; education being a common thread throughout all activities.

Fire Inspections

Fire Inspections provide for code enforcement to maintain community compliance with the "Statewide Fire Prevention Code."

The "Statewide Fire Prevention Code" is enforced in Orange County by the Virginia Fire Marshal’s Office. For additional information or to report code violations, contact them at (540) 317-7670.

A free "read-only" copy of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code is available online.

Fire Investigations

Fire Investigators determine the origin and cause for fires and explosions and investigates hazardous materials and environmental crimes. Fire investigators work closely with the State Police, Sheriff’s Office, and Town Police departments in preparing cases for prosecution.

The Code of Virginia requires all fires be investigated to determine the origin, cause, and other factors that may have contributed to the ignition and growth of a fire. Information gained is used to identify trends, develop public education programs, identify product deficiencies, and to determine if fire was the result of criminal activity.

The fire investigator may be reached through the Department of Fire and EMS at (540) 672-7044.

Public Education

Community awareness is an essential component of any fire prevention program. If your school, business, or organization would like additional information, an educational presentation, or you would like a free safety inspection please contact the Department of Fire and EMS at (540) 672-7044.

Knox Box Orders

Knox Box products allow first responders access to a building in an emergency while causing minimal damage. Knox Box products may be ordered through the Knox Box website.