Essential Job Functions

This is an outline of some of the duties and responsibilities for a Communications Officer:An emergency communications work console.

  • Receives emergency requests for service by radio and telephone and determines appropriate responses according to the location, nature of the problem, and procedures of the department;
  • Receives non-emergency calls for service and provides information accordingly;
  • Operate and monitor multiple emergency radio frequencies;
  • Operates computer systems;
  • Maintains communications with responding emergency units to assist them in any manner necessary to complete proper response;
  • Document and record requests for service, tracks response, and disposition of calls;
  • Notifies Virginia Department of Transportation of road hazards, including fallen trees, high water, snow, ice, etc. Notifies power, telephone, and cable companies of down lines. Notifies rail companies of blocked tracks or malfunctioning arm guards;
  • Answers telephone; receives inquires and provides information or refers inquiries/messages to the appropriate personnel, department, or agency;
  • Must possess the ability to remain calm under stressful situation with instant decision-making abilities;

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