About Your Supervisor - District Four

Supervisor James "Jim" P. CrozierPortrait of Supervisor James P. Crozier

9651 Meadows Road
Mine Run, Virginia 22508
(540) 847-8399
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Term Expires: December 31, 2025

District Four Boundaries:

Beginning at the point where Zachary Taylor Highway (Route 522) crosses the Rapidan River; thence easterly with the Rapidan River to Wilderness Run; thence southwesterly along Wilderness Run to the point where it crosses under Germanna Highway (Route 3); thence northwesterly along Germanna Highway to the point it crosses Flat Run; thence southwesterly with Flat Run to the point it crosses under Lakeview Parkway; thence westerly along Lakeview Parkway to Yorktown Boulevard; thence southwesterly along Yorktown Boulevard to Seven Pines Drive; thence southwesterly along Seven Pines Drive to Liberty Boulevard; thence southwesterly along Liberty Boulevard to Yorktown Boulevard; thence southwesterly along Yorktown Boulevard to Fairfax Lane; thence southeasterly along Fairfax Lane to Lakeview Parkway; thence southwesterly along Lakeview Parkway to Back Gate Lane; thence westerly along Back Gate Lane to Flat Run Road (Route 601); thence southerly along Flat Run Road to Constitution Highway (Route 20); thence westerly along Constitution Highway to Pine Stake Road (Route 621); thence northwesterly along Pine Stake Road to Zachary Taylor Highway (Route 522); thence northerly along Zachary Taylor Highway to the beginning.