Presentations for Seniors

Presentation Topics

The TRIAD office has presentations available for many subjects pertaining to the safety and wellbeing of Orange County seniors. Below is a list of presentation topics:

  • Foreign Lottery Scams (an 8-minute short film)
  • Telemarketing Investment Fraud (a 22-minute short film)
  • International Efforts to Stop Fraud (a 9-minute short film)
  • Internet Fraud (a 9-minute short film)
  • Work-at-Home Fraud (an 8-minute short film)
  • Identity Theft (a 13-minute short film)
  • All the King's Men: A Story of Financial Crime Victims and Their Efforts to Recover (a 14-minute short film)
  • Consumer Affairs on Scam Alerts (a 19-minute short film)
  • The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer's (a 90-minute drama)
  • Wandering: What It Is and What to Do About It (a 43-minute film)
  • ACES 911: Adults Calling Emergency Services (a 15-minute short film)
  • The Lure of Money: Film on Investment Fraud (a 30-minute short film)
  • Protecting our Seniors in a Down Economy (a 45-minute PowerPoint presentation)