File of Life

About File of Life

The File of Life is a program developed by TRIAD to quickly and accurately provide important medical facts in the midst of a life-threatening emergency.

If a patient in a medical emergency is unable to communicate important medical facts about themselves, the File of Life can provide responding emergency personnel with a quick and accurate medical history.

File of Life Kits

Each File of Life Kit contains a blank medical card, plastic pocket, and a decal. The card should be filled out in pencil, to allow changes, with the patient's name, medical history, prescription information, and emergency medical contact numbers. The medical card slips into the plastic magnetic pocket that protects the card and the patient's privacy. The entire magnetic pocket is attached to the outside of the refrigerator. The small, highly-visual decal is then attached to the front door or window to alert emergency personnel to the presence of the File of Life. Information should be updated regularly!

If you are interested in obtaining a File of Life Kit, free of charge, please contact our TRIAD Coordinator at (540) 672-1536.