Project Lifesaver

About Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver saves lives and reduces potential injury for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and brain injury who are at risk for wandering.  

Clients wear a small radio transmitter on a wristband. Each transmitter operates on a unique frequency. When a wearer goes missing, the caregiver calls 911.  Specially trained law enforcement, fire, and rescue professionals use Project Lifesaver receiver antennas to track the signal from the lost person’s transmitter and locate the them.

Triad volunteers conduct monthly home visits to Project Lifesaver clients to replace the battery, clean and test the transmitter, and review the caretaker logbook.  This helps ensure that this life-saving equipment is working properly.

Visit the Project Lifesaver website.

To learn more about Project Lifesaver or to determine eligibility, please call our TRIAD Coordinator at (540) 672-1536.


The Orange County Sheriff's Office extends thanks to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America for its generous donation of $6,000 to purchase equipment for the Project Lifesaver International (PLI) program.

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