VDOT Secondary Six-Year Plan

About the Secondary Six-Year Plan

Each year, local boards of supervisors are provided funding from Federal and State sources through the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). There are several different types of funds, and each fund has a specified set of criteria that must be met in order for the funds to be spent. These funds are passed through VDOT to be used in localities across the Commonwealth of Virginia in development of the Secondary Six-Year Plan (SSYP).

The Secondary Six-Year Plan is a document that outlines planned spending for transportation projects proposed for improvement or construction over the next six (6) fiscal years. The SSYP is a list of prioritized projects across the County that the Board of Supervisors selects to receive a portion of the transportation funds in order to complete improvements: hard surfacing, widening, bridge improvements, etc. It is updated annually and is the means by which the funding from VDOT is allocated for the immediate fiscal year. The SSYP also identifies planned program funding for the next five (5) fiscal years.

Funding is allocated for the first fiscal year of the SSYP, but the remaining five (5) years are merely estimates of future allocations. Fiscal years start on July 1 and end on June 30. The SSYP is updated each year as revenue estimates are updated, priorities are revised, project schedules and costs change, or projects are completed. The updating process typically takes place in March - May of each year in Orange County.

The SSYP may be discussed at one (1) or more meetings of the Board of Supervisors each year, and a Public Hearing must be held prior to adoption of the final Plan. Comments regarding the Secondary Six-Year Plan may be provided to the Board of Supervisors for their consideration.

Adopted Secondary Six-Year Plans

Auxiliary List for Secondary Roads

The Auxiliary List for Secondary Roads is established to create a prioritized list of future secondary road projects to be considered as funding from the Secondary Six-Year Plan allows. Projects on this list are not part of the Secondary Six-Year Plan; however, projects on this list are intended to be considered in the event that projects are required to be added to the Secondary Six-Year Plan to receive funding.

This List may be reviewed, amended, and/or adopted by the Board of Supervisors periodically, and does not have to be considered each year as part of the Secondary Six-Year Plan process.

View the Current Auxiliary List for Secondary Roads.