Orange County Disc Golf Course

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The Orange County Disc Golf Course is completely free and opened for play in June of 2019! Turf tee pad installation was completed in December of 2021. Our scorecard printouPlayers at the disc golf courset provides three scorecards, complete with course map and rules on the reverse if printed double-sided. The course is located in the Thomas E. Lee Industrial Park, at 14111 Litchfield Drive, Orange, VA 22960. It is an 18-hole recreational course, with predominantly open terrain and mostly par 3 holes. 

The course has been made possible through the support of many groups, families, and individuals. For those unfamiliar with the sport, disc golf is similar to traditional golf in that a player makes successive attempts to finish a hole, desiring to finish a hole with the fewest attempts. Instead of balls and clubs, disc golf is played with discs of varying design, which are analogous to the different clubs in traditional golf (there are putter discs, mid-range discs, and driver discs, with immense variation in a category). Instead of ground holes, players attempt to land discs in specially-designed, chain-laden baskets. The sport has grown much over recent years, and is enjoyed at several other locations in central Virginia. For more information about the sport, visit