EpIC Goals & Objectives

During the monthly meetings of EpIC, subcommittees were formed to address the three (3) current goals of the group: Education, Marketing, and Resources. Each subcommittee was asked to come up with objectives to guide their efforts to best meet the needs of the Orange Community. Additionally, the list of objectives for each subcommittee may shorten and/or lengthen as the needs of the community change and programs are put in place to address those needs.

Goal: Education


  1. Identify what curriculum is currently offered in schools
  2. Increase opioid awareness for athletes
  3. Parents/athletes/coaches
  4. Add curriculum to the Health/PE Programs
  5. Add opioid education to OCSS health and wellness goals
  6. Further involve the School Board
  7. Provide additional education for parents
  8. Identify opportunities for student projects and/or student organizations to help
  9. Enlist others

Goal: Marketing


  1. Establish and maintain robust social media
  2. Share data from various sources (VDH, OCSO, etc.)
  3. Focus on eliminating stigma of addiction
  4. Create and distribute opioid literature throughout the community
  5. Establish EpIC information booth for community events (fair, street festival)
  6. Enlist others

Goal: Resources


  1. Identify what resources currently exist
  2. Capture resources in one, user-friendly location
  3. Identify gaps in resources
  4. Seek out additional resources to fill gaps
  5. Utilize existing resources
  6. Enlist others