Social Distancing Activity Guide

Social Distancing Activity GuideSince we have had to cancel our spring 2020 programs but are still committed to keeping you engaged and active, we have put together some activities that you can try at home with your family while practicing social distancing as recommended by local, state, and federal health agencies. This page will be updated regularly with activities sorted by episodes (activity videos posted to Facebook) and handouts (printable activity sheets for your family to enjoy).  Please stay safe and well for the duration of the pandemic. 


While listed below for reference, our activity videos are housed on our Facebook page:  Please view them there under the "Videos" tab. For convenience, they are sorted into a playlist, called: "Social Distancing Activity Guide."

  • Episode 1 (3/23/20) - Paper Airplane Folding: Staff from OCPR and the Office on Youth show you how to fold some of their favorite paper airplane designs. Watch until the end for a special design from the Parks & Recreation Director.
  • Episode 1.2 (3/24/20) - Paper Airplane Competition: Using the designs from Episode 1, we show you how to have a fun competition in your household.
  • Episode 2 (3/25/20) - Binsketball: Staff show you how to play a game that’s easily set up at home or almost anywhere else using everyday items.
  • Episode 3 (3/27/20) - Paper Games: Staff demonstrate paper games easily made and played at home. Spoiler alert, it’s not tic-tac-toe.
  • Episode 4 (3/30/20) - Duct Tape Bows: Staff get crafty and demonstrate making duct tape bows and bow ties!
  • Episode 4.1 (4/1/20) - Storytime: Story time with our staff takes a "foolish" turn.
  • Episode 5 (4/3/20) - Hopscotch: Staff demonstrate the good clean fun to be had in a game of hopscotch, either indoors or outdoors.
  • Episode 6 (4/6/20) - Dandelion Syrup: See how to turn these misunderstood plants into a delicious syrup or honey substitute.