Christmas Assistance Program

The Orange County Department of Social Services is pleased to help coordinate Christmas gift assistance to elderly or disabled adults in our community. This assistance is made possible thanks to the generous support of our community members. 

How it Works

  1. Let Social Services know you'd like to adopt an individual in need by completing the Holiday Assistance Program form.
  2. Purchase gifts from the indvidual's wish list (provided by Social Services). Plan on spending about $50 per individual.
  3. Witness the joy firsthand when delivering the gifts to the person you adopted.

Request  Christmas Assistance

The period to request Christmas assistance for an elderly or disabled adult has closed. 

For assistance with gifts for children, please visit the Orange County Children's Toy Box website or call (540) 661-2263.

Provide Assistance to Someone in Need

Support can be provided as follows. Those interested may adopt as many individuals as they would like. It is recommended to spend about $50 per adopted individual, but adopters can certainly provide more if desired.

IMPORTANT: Please return the Holiday Assistance Program Form and return it to Social Services by November 30, 2023 to indicate that you plan to adopt an elderly/disabled adult for Christmas!

If you have questions about this program or other ways you can help, please call (540) 672-6166. We truly appreciate your support!