Floodplain Administration

Orange County participates in the National Flood Insurance Program  (NFIP) as Community No. 510203. The Zoning Administrator is the designated Floodplain Administrator.  The current effective floodplain maps went into effect on May 17, 2022.

To view the extent of floodplain on a property, please use FEMA's Map Service Center. For general information purposes, floodplain maps are also available on the County's GIS (navigate to the "environmental" layers in the layer list and check the box next to "floodplain"). 

For questions about flood insurance, please visit FEMA’s information page.

All development within floodplain requires a permit, and is required to adhere to the County's Floodplain Ordinance as well as federal laws governing floodplain development (including but not limited to elevation of structures and floodproofing of foundations). 

Questions regarding developing in floodplain should be directed to Planning & Zoning Services at (540) 672-4574 or via email.