Development Services

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The Development Services Department encompasses the Building and Development Services, Building Inspections, Code Enforcement, and Planning and Zoning Services divisions. We work diligently with community partners, County departments, regulatory agencies, and vendors to provide planning, code enforcement, building inspections, and permitting functions.

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Development Services Divisions:

Building and Development Services
Building & Development Services is responsible for customer service and permit processing.

Building Inspections
Building Inspections is responsible for working with citizens and contractors to assure public, personal, and property safety.

Code Enforcement
The Code Enforcement division is responsible for working with citizens and contractors for responsible land disturbance through erosion and sediment control, zoning and site plan inspections, and removal of unlawful conditions of trash and refuse.

Planning and Zoning Services
Planning and Zoning Services is responsible for long-range planning and administration of the County’s zoning and subdivision ordinances.