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The Applicant proposes rezoning the Property - which consists of 20 parcels and currently zoned a mixture of Agricultural, Industrial, Residential, and Commercial, to Planned Development – Mixed Use (PDM) (“PDM”) in order to develop a mixed-use project to be constructed over an approximate 30-year timeframe, in several phases. The Property is more specifically depicted in the GDP attached as Exhibit A to this Narrative. For ease of reference, a list of the parcels identifying the owner and specific zoning for each parcel is attached as Exhibit B to this Narrative.

The Property is situated in the District Four East Precinct of Orange County, Virginia (“County”), at the intersection of Germanna Highway (Route 3) and Route 20. All of the Parcels are located in the Germanna-Wilderness Area (“GWA”), with the majority of the land being vacant with the exception of a few single-family detached homes. The Property is located in Subarea 4: Wilderness Run of the GWA, which is designated as the easternmost portion of the County. The GWA consists of eight Subareas. The Property is located in Subarea 4: Wilderness Run of the GWA. The PDM District is one of three zoning districts available only within the GWA.

The purpose of the proposed rezoning to PDM is to allow the development of the Project, which, at this time, is anticipated to include medium density residential uses (six to eight units per acre), low density residential uses (one to four units per acre), senior assisted-living uses, commercial uses, office and light industrial uses, institutional uses and parks, and the remaining acreage reserved for conservation, open space, and additional purposes. The proposed Project at full-build out is more specifically detailed in the GDP and the Design Guidelines Manual (defined below) included as exhibits to this Narrative.

The Project is planned to include three land use types: residential, commercial/mixed use, and civic. Besides the residential and commercial use, additional potential dedicated land uses include a public elementary school site and Regional Park. The Project is proposed to include eleven neighborhoods, in which certain specified uses would be permitted. The Land Use Plan of the GDP reflects the anticipated locations of these neighborhoods within the context of the Property, and outlines the uses permitted in each. Generally, the uses within the Project are at the highest densities closest to Germanna Highway (Route 3) where the Town Center will be located, with density decreasing moving further north into the Property. The neighborhood locations have been determined considering the nature of current land uses and development 3 patterns, as well as the existence of certain physical features that define the neighborhoods rather than artificial boundaries. 

The Project is designed to include ample open space and conservation areas, as well as both active and passive recreational areas, all strategically located within the Property. The Open Space and Recreation Plan of the GDP depicts the general locations of these areas. Open space and conservation areas include a proposed dedicated Regional Park, a Town Center park, numerous pocket and neighborhood parks within each neighborhood, a wide buffer of existing mature vegetation surrounding the entire perimeter of the Property (except for that portion of the Property fronting Germanna Highway (Route 3)), as well as wooded buffers within each of the residential neighborhoods. The Project also is served by a comprehensive network of walking and biking trails, as more particularly depicted on the GDP.

To provide additional information relating to the Project, we have enclosed the Design Guidelines Manual dated March 2021 (Exhibit C). The Applicant also conducted a County traffic impact analysis, which was prepared by Gorove Slade Transportation Planners and Engineers dated May 8, 2020 and revised August 13, 2020 and titled “Traffic Impact Study – Wilderness Crossing Development” (“TIA”), which has been previously provided to and has been under review by the County. The Applicant has conducted an economic impact and revenue analysis, which was prepared by RKG Associates Inc., dated January 2021, and titled “Market Study and Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis of Wilderness Crossing Development (2020-2030) (“FIA”) attached as Exhibit D to this Narrative.

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