Probate Division

Qualification of Executors

The executor named in the will or the administrator wishing to qualify on the decedent's estate must schedule an appointment with the Clerk's Office to probate the will and qualify as executor/administrator.   

Before your appointment to qualify, you will need to bring to the Clerk's Office:

  • the original will and codicil(s), if any,
  • a certified copy of the death certificate,
  • the approximate dollar value (as of the date of death) of any solely held personal assets, and
  • the approximate fair market value (as of the date of death) of real estate in Virginia deeded solely to the deceased or the value of the percentage owned by the deceased when the real estate is deeded as tenants-in-common,
  • the names, ages and addresses of heirs at law (These are individuals who are legally entitled to receive an estate when there is no will, pursuant to §64.2-200 of the Code of Virginia.  This list is still required if the person died with a will (testate))
  • valid photo identification (i.e. valid driver's license, identification card issued by the DMV, passport, Military ID or other government issued photo ID). 
  • the completed Probate Information Form

The probate clerk will set an appointment with the executor/administrator to qualify and will notify you of the fees that will need to be paid at the time of qualification.

Commissioner of Accounts

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