How do I request an item from another library (Interlibrary Loan)?

Interlibrary Loans (ILLs) are requests to other libraries for items that our library system does not own. We do not process ILLs for newly published items, items in special demand, DVDs or audio books. Most libraries do not lend these items to other libraries as they chose to serve their own communities first. There is a $4.00 return postage charge for each item requested on ILL. Some lending libraries may charge additional fees to lend or copy an item. We pass those charges along to the end user. We will contact the requesting user in the event these charges exceed $5.00 to seek their permission before borrowing the item on their behalf. National best practices for ILLs require that they be requested from the user's "home" library in the city/county where they reside. If you do not reside in Orange County, Virginia, we will not process your request. The due date for an interlibrary loan item is set by the lending library and will likely differ from our library's normal policy.  Our library is fine free but the lending library may not be.  We will pass along any late fines charged by the lending library if applicable.  To request an ILL, we need a completed request form. You may either download the form and fill it out in advance or fill it out at the library. There is a link to the form below.

Interlibrary loan request form

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