What fines do you charge?

As of Jan 1, 2023 our libraries have gone fine free with the exception of a $1.00 per day late fine on hotspots.

We still block accounts for later items once they are 30 days overdue and we charge the replacement cost for overdue items and set them to "lost" at 60 days overdue.

We also charge damage fees when items are returned with noticeable damaged not previously noted prior to checkout or items missing pieces or discs.

Fines and Fees 


The Orange County Public Library has policies to encourage fair access to materials for all library users.  Policies are designed to encourage prompt return of items so that all community members may have the use of them.  Cardholders can continue to use the library’s many resources by returning their materials on time.

Cardholders will lose access to their account under the following conditions:

  • They (or a minor child they are responsible for) have an item 30 days or more overdue
  • They owe the library $10.00 or more in fines and/or fees 
  • They have lost items (due 60 or more days ago) for which they have been charged
  • They have failed to update their contact information with the library 

Loss of access means that no additional items can be checked out, including digital and streaming items, and that existing items cannot be renewed.   Access to library buildings and facilities such as computers, scanners and copiers will continue to be provided.

To restore access, the block (s) must be removed.   If the reason for the block is a late item or lost item, then the item must be returned, replaced with a new item with the same exact ISBN number (when available), or paid for.  If the block is for fines, then the account must be paid down below $10.00 owed.  If the block is for contact information, then it must be updated.   Accounts more than 2 years expired will require address verification via a mailed postcard to be re-activated.

List of Fines and Fees

  1. Wireless Hotspots late fine $1.00 per day with a max of $15.00 
  2. Charges for materials returned with damage.  

In the case of damage which prevents future circulation such as water damage, food stains, mold, loose pages, rips and tears, the purchase price of the item will be charged.

 Staff will determine lesser charges for minor damage, such as coloring on a page or returning an item with a missing case, artwork or disc.  See the Lost and Damaged policy 3.6 for a schedule of common charges.

Staff will be mindful of the age of the item at check out and its previous usage when assessing charges.

Lost item replacement charges.  Items not returned before they are 60 days overdue will be automatically charged the purchase price for the item.  If the item is missing a purchase price a default price based on the item type will be charged. If lost items are located and returned in good condition, the replacement charge will be waived, but the processing fee will remain.  Lost item payments must be in full and cover the entire price of the item and the processing fee.  

 Lost item processing fee of $2.00.   

 Copier/Printing fee of 15 cents per page for black and white and 50 cents per page for color for copying or printing.  Double sided pages are charged as 2 pages.


Library card replacement fee of $1.00 to issue a replacement library card.  Initial card is free.


Postage fee for 3rd or following post card verification of address. First 2 attempts are paid by the library.  


Return postage fee for Interlibrary loan (ILL) of $4.00. 

Additional ILL postal fees of up to $5.00 may be charged by the lending library for postage as well.  

 Lending fees for borrowing an ILL (if requested by the lending library) will be presented to the customer for approval and payment before ordering the material.

 Fines and fees accruing to over $10.00 may be paid by credit card, with the exception of the ILL lending fee.  Smaller charges may be paid by cash or check.

Library management staff are empowered to work with citizens regarding charges on their accounts.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees 1/1998, amended 10/1999, 7/2000, 5/2001, 10/2002, 3/2003, 3/2004, 5/2004, 5/2006, 10/2006, 12/2006, 7/2007, 4/2008, 5/2010, 8/2010, 3/2011, 5/2011, 8/2013, 5/2015, 3/2019, 4/2021, 4/2022, 8/2002, 10/2022.

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