When will I stop paying personal property tax?
The Governor’s “No Car Tax” plan was not a complete elimination of tax. However, because of the financial burden on the state, the General Assembly has now passed a law limiting funding to the County based on 2004 tax exemption. The “No Tax” will no longer apply. At present, percentage of car tax relief will be subject to change each year.

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1. What is considered individual personal property?
2. How do I file an individual personal property return? What is the filing deadline?
3. I am a new resident of Orange County. What do I need to do?
4. I am moving out of Orange County. What do I need to do?
5. How do I know if the locality I am moving to is a “prorating” or a “non-prorating” locality?
6. I am planning on disposing of my vehicle. What do I need to do?
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8. My spouse and I are separated and our vehicle is jointly owned. Who is responsible for the personal property taxes?
9. How do you determine the assessment on a vehicle?
10. When are personal property taxes due? Where do I send payments? How much did I pay in taxes last year?
11. Does the County offer a discount for vehicles with high mileage?
12. Why do I need to file for the high mileage discount every year?
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14. When will I stop paying personal property tax?
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16. I sold my vehicle this year, will my tax be prorated?