How do I reclaim a lost pet?
You can reclaim a lost pet if it has gone stray and found its way into the Shelter. Please call us as soon as you realize your cat or dog has gone missing and file a “lost report” which gives us pertinent information such as gender, age, breed, color, location last seen, etc. This way, we can call you immediately should an animal fitting the profile be brought to our facility. When you come to pick up your pet, please bring your current valid rabies certificate with you as well as your county license receipt (dogs only; N/A for cats). If you don’t have current paperwork, don’t worry; you can still take your pet home right away. We will ask for a deposit ($15 each item) but you will receive a refund if you are able to update your records and bring in proof of compliance within a two (2) week time period. Boarding fees are $5 each day your pet stayed with us.

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