How do I adopt a dog or cat?
If you would like to adopt a dog or cat you may begin by downloading and filling out a copy of the “Pre-Adoption Screening” form. You can also view profiles of some of our available pets on We welcome you to come out to the shelter with your family to meet our furry friends. You may bring your current dogs with you to meet ‘n greet, too! We have a cottage set up like a living room inside in which you get to spend time with the animals you are considering. You can also take them for walks or let them loose in the play yard to see how they interact with you. Once you have found the right animal for your (and their) personality and lifestyle, we will review your paperwork. If approved, you will receive copies of your new pet’s medical records, a free 4 lb. bag of dry food and for dogs, a free leash and either collar or harness (while supplies last). Adoption fees for in-county residents are $55 for a dog or puppy and $45 for a cat or kitten. Adoption fees for individuals outside of Orange County are $60 for a dog or puppy and $50 for a cat or kitten. Please note that if you rent your home, we need either a copy of your lease agreement or a letter from your landlord outlining any restrictions on the number, size or breed of pets you are permitted to have. Animals will only be adopted to persons 18 years of age or older. For more information, please visit ourAdoption Information page.

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