What is required to obtain a Zoning Permit?
A completed and signed Zoning Permit Application is required. Additionally, applicants must provide an administrative site plan (i.e. a "sketch plan") on a current plat or survey which shows the following:
- property lines and their courses and measurements;
- the tax parcel number, acreage of the lot, scale, and north arrow;
- the location, dimensions, height, and proposed setbacks from property lines and from bodies of water for all existing and proposed buildings and structures on the lot;
- existing and proposed driveways, travelways, and parking areas;
- the location of streams and other bodies of water on the lot;
- modifications to existing drainageways;
- installation or modification of a stormwater best management practice (BMP);
- compliance with any proffers, variances, and/or county-imposed conditions; and
- all public and private rights-of-way (including easements), their name(s), and the width of said rights-of-way.

These sketch plan requirements apply to single-family residential projects, duplexes, manufactured homes, signs, temporary uses, certain agricultural uses, and certain small-scale nonresidential/commercial uses. Sketch plans may be hand-drawn unless the property is zoned R--3 or R-4 or if the project involves a nonconforming structure. Sketch plans in these instances must be prepared by a professional.

If the project involves the installation of a new access onto a state-maintained road, VDOT approval must be supplied prior to or in conjunction with the Zoning Permit Application.

Other uses, particularly nonresidential/commercial uses involving 2,500 sq. ft. of land disturbance or more must submit site plans (either minor or major) prepared by a professional. These site plans must be approved by the county before the Zoning Permit Application can be submitted.

Individuals applying for a Zoning Permit who are not shown as the owner of record on county real estate records must provide proof of ownership (in the event of a recent land transfer) or permission in writing from the landowner in order to obtain the Zoning Permit.

The following related forms are available online:
- Authorized Agent Affidavit
- Application for Zoning Permit

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