How can I find out about new Parks & Recreation programs or events?
There are a number of ways to learn about our programs and events. This website actually has a couple of methods to help you stay up to date. On the Parks & Recreation department page, there is a link on the left labelled Recreational Activities. This link is separated into Adult and Youth Programs, click on the desired age group and you will find a listing of our current programs.

Another option is to check our programming calendar. This can be found on the right side of the Parks & Recreation department page.

To stay as up to date as possible, you can choose to sign up for our "Notify Me" feature. This can be found in the lower left of the Parks & Recreation department page or on the right side of the Orange County Government main page. By signing up for this feature, you can be automatically notified by email or text message whenever we add a program to our calendar.

In addition to these electronic methods, you can also find out about our programs in the Orange Review, flyers that are seasonally distributed through the schools, calling us at (540) 672-5435, or by stopping in our office in the Sedwick Building located at 146 North Madison Road, Suite 205, Orange, VA 22960.Sign Up For Notify Me

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5. How can I find out about new Parks & Recreation programs or events?
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