Can I operate a business out of my house?

Yes. Depending on the size of the property and the zoning district in which your property/house is located, you may be eligible for either a home enterprise or a home occupation. Home enterprises are more intensive, so they are only allowed on properties zoned Agricultural (A) and that are at least 2 acres in size. Home occupations are less intensive and permitted for residentially-zoned properties and those that are zoned Agricultural but are under 2 acres in size. Home enterprises may be conducted in the home and/or in an accessory structure (e.g. a garage or shed), and may utilize the land around these structures for the business. Home occupations must be conducted within the home only. It is advised that business owners review the home occupation and home enterprise forms, which can be found under the Planning & Zoning Services "Permit Applications, Forms, & Guides" page on the County's website. If there are additional questions, the owner should contact the department directly. Orange County does not have a business license program.  Additional permits may be needed for signs, new construction, or other types of new development.

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