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Animal Shelter

  1. Animal Shelter Found Pet Form

    Did you locate a lost animal? Let us know using this form.

  2. Animal Shelter Pre-Adoption Application

    Use this form to inform us of your interest in adopting one of our shelter animals.

  1. Animal Shelter Lost Pet Form

    Help us help you find your lost pet by completing this online form.

  2. Animal Shelter Volunteer Application

    Use this form to apply to become an animal shelter volunteer.

Employee Intranet Forms

  1. Beautification Nomination Form
  2. Public Works Work Order Request Form

    Form used to submit a help desk ticket to Orange County's Public Work's Department.

  1. IT Help Desk Request Form

    Form used to submit a help desk ticket to Orange County's IT Department.


  1. Bidder's Application

    Join the Orange County Bidder's List.

  1. External Entity Funding Request Form

    External entity funding request form.

General County Forms

  1. Employment Application
  2. Report a Code Violation

    Report a Code Violation.

  3. Report a Compliment

    Report a Compliment.

  1. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

    Please complete the information below and submit to the appropriate FOIA Officer. Requests can be submitted via mail, in person, by... More…

  2. Report a Complaint

    Report a Complaint

  3. Report Street Sign Repair or Maintenance

    The County is responsible for repairing and maintaining street signs throughout the county. Only street signs that have the road name... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Park Visitor Information and Feedback Form

    Please use this form to tell us a little more about your visit.


  1. Volunteer with TRIAD

    Express your interest in volunteering with TRIAD.

  1. Youth Academy

    Youth Academy for FY 23