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Animal Shelter Pre-Adoption Application


  1. 1. Desired Pet Information
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  • Desired Pet Information

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    2. Animal Shelter Pre-Adoption Application

      Thank you for your interest in adoption. We look forward to helping match you with the right pet. Please fill out this form in detail. A staff member will discuss it with you after submission.

    3. Please Note

      While we carefully monitor all of our animals, we often have limited knowledge of their backgrounds. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the health, behavior, temperament, age, or breed of any animal adopted from the Orange County Animal Shelter. 

      You will assume full responsibility, financial and otherwise, for the animal. This responsibility includes any health care or training. 

      Applications are often approved pending current pet vaccinations, fence repairs, and landlord deposits. In fairness to the animal, the selected pet may be held overnight to allow the necessary time to make these preparations. However, an animal will not be held for longer than 24 hours after it has been spayed or neutered.

    4. Already chosen an animal you'd like to adopt? Please provide its name here. 

    5. If you have not selected a specific animal, please provide information about the kind of pet you're interested in adopting below.
    6. Desired Type of Pet*
    7. This can be specific (ex. dachshund) or general (ex. hound). 

    8. Desired Age of Animal

      Please check all that apply.

    9. Desired Sex of Animal

      All pets available for adoption are spayed or neutered. 

    10. Provide any other details regarding the kind of pet you're interested in adopting.