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OCPR Tacky Lights Tour Entry Form 2023


  1. 1. 2023 Tacky Lights Tour
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  • 2023 Tacky Lights Tour

    1. Please use this form to submit your home for inclusion in our 2023 Tacky Lights Tour! Please note that this is NOT A CONTEST, it is a light-hearted tour just for fun. If you love decorating your house with lights for the holidays (either tacky or classy), then please join our tour!

    2. Read This First!

      To be part of our Tacky Lights Tour, you must have the outside of your house illuminated at least 7pm-9pm, Dec. 11th-31st. Your decorations must also be family friendly. As a thank you for participating, any households that enter their home as part of the tour will receive a commemorative ornament.